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learn dutch onlineGBL Zinnen oplezen en aanvullen oefentoets

Zinnen oplezen en aanvullen is part of GBL. You read the sentences and choose the correct word from 3 choices to complete the sentences. Donot look at the key until you have doen.

learn dutch onlineGBL Zinnen Oplezen oefenen (deel B)

Here are 16 sentences for GBL excercise. Read the sentences aloud one by one.Speak all the words in the sentences clearly. Pay attention to pronunciation such as "double sounds - eu, ui". Speak the last letter S , R , T, K, G very clear. More sentences will be updated...

learn dutch onlineGBL Woordrijden oplezen oefentoet

Here are some words for you to pratise how to read Dutch. Keep reading then you will get fimilar with the Dutch word that writing in the same alphabet and vowels.