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After arrived the Netherlands with MVV visa and you already have your BSN (Burger Service Nummer). This BSN is very useful for you to open a bank account, looking for a job in Netherlands or contact your community.

For who is older than 18 but not over 65 year old and come to live in the Netherlands must integrate the Dutch language to understand, speak, write, read and learn the culture,how we live or work in the Netherlands. Besides Inburgering exam you can also take a different exam, such as the Staatsexamen NT2 or another.

Integration is an important law that called the 'Wet Inburgering' or The Integration Act that gives you rights and obligations for integration.

I have moved to live in the Netherlands in January 2010. In the endof September 2010 I finished my Inburgeringscursus (Inburgering course) and recieved Inburgeringsdiploma (Inburgering Certificate).
I would like to share here my experience how the process are.

After get your BSN you may recieve a letter from your gemeente (town community) to ask you to make appointment  for an Inburgering course (inburgeringscursus). If not you have to contact them by yourself.

The community will interview about your education background which you have from your country, your work experience and they may try to talk with you in Dutch to see what level you are.

They will also explain how and why you have to learn Dutch after arrive in the Netherlands. They also introduce nearby Dutch school that available for you and advice an appropriate school. They will help to contact the school for intaketoets.

Intaketoets takes about 30-45 minutes. They will test your:
- language level
- learnability
- knowledge of Dutch society
- degree of literacy

The intake test consists of:
- a conversation about your personal information and your ability to work
- a conversation about your knowledge of Dutch society
- reading speed test
- proficiency test study
- language proficiency estimate
- writing test
- listening test
- literacy test

There is no worry about intaketoets, just do what you can do. Gemeente will use this result of  intake test and they also consider from your mvv exam score, to decide that you should take Inburgeringscursus or Staatsexamen NT2. And how long it should take.

I have the contract of 6 months, started my inburgeringscursus in April to September. Some people may not have contract as mine. Some has to study less or up to 1 year or more.

In the contract  also point that I must have the Dutch integration diploma within 3.5 years. And the community paid for my course, but I have to pay 270 euro. I don't know what is that cost for. After I have my diploma in one time exam done I have 270 euro back. They just have transfered that fee back without asking. A few days I received a letter with advice when and how the naturalisation process will be.

For who comes to the Netherlands in 2011 or later may know that some gemeente are no longer pay for Inburgering course. This change is making difficulties and problems to new comers because Dutch course are so expensive. If you are unable to support yourself. You may contact IB-Groep/DUO for student loan.