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Today I read a news about inburgeringsexamen in Nederland "Binnen drie jaar inburgeren" - that who stay in the Netherlands and have to take inburgeringsexamen, must pass the examination within 3 years instead of 3.5 years (like my contact). What happen if you not pass, you will lost your resident permit.
However, this case is except for refugees. If they are not pass in three years they will get the penalty.

This new rule is about to make all people who come to stay in The Netherlands care about how inburgering is important. In my opionion, Dutch government lose much budget for inburgering course, but some immigrants are mindless to this.

Anyway, inburgering still at A2 level. But inburgeraars (inburgering student) can always choose to study higher level exp. staatsexamen NT2 or mbo-diploma. Furthermore, people who become naturalized even still acquire knowledge of Dutch society. There is a national exam.

This plan is to support previously announcement, hat immigrants have to pay their own tuition or borrow money from the government. This shorter time of inburgeringsexamen may help decrease amount of borrow money. But what to worry is normally immigrants and refugees have to pay much for cost of living, such as rent. If you need to borrow money and pay back is not a good start.

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