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learn dutch onlineIncreased mvv fees as of 1 July 2011

By 1 July 2011 the fees for applications for MVV to the Netherlands will be increased from  € 830,00 to € 1250,00. This high cost is 25x higher in 6 year.Who submits application for VVR (Vergunning tot verblijf regulier) on or after 1 July 2011, also have to pay new fee at € 300 (older cost is 180).

To come to holland by MVV is cost higher. Furthermore, regardless of the cost above. you must also have to pay for miscellaneous expenses. translation fees, documents legalisation, airticket cost. Important when you arrived Holland, then in some gemeente (district) you still have to prepare the cost for inburgering courses  and exams zelf. By increasing the cost of living here makes it more difficult for the new comers.

 All this are ridiculous. I wish everyone good luck.

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