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learn dutch onlineEen Fijne Moederdag !

It's motherday today. And it means we will have a nice breakfast, a nice present today and obviously we do something fun with our mom. My mother is in another country, but i have called her and give her a big kiss through the phone. And I am so happy with my friend in my Dutch school is pregnant, she is so excited to become a mother. :) . I saw in TV researched about what kind of present that mother like to have and it's a simple card made by their kids is a perfect gift for them.

Otherwise I don't forget to bring you some related words for today.

Fijne Moederdag! - Happy mothersday!
"U bent mijn grootste schat"   -   You are my greatest treasure.
cadeau  -  present
kaarten  -  cards
lekker  -  good, delicious, nice
zwanger  -  pregnant
geboren   -  born
moeder  -  mother
mama/mam -  mom
voor alle moeders  -  for all mother
blommen  -  flowers
zelfgemaakte kadootjes  -  handmade presents
kadootjes  -  presents
kindje  -  kid
iedereen  -  everyone