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learn dutch onlineDe toets Geletterdheid en Begrijpend Lezen - GBL

GBL is Literacy and Understanding Written texts, the candidate must able to read and understand words, sentences and texts. There are 5 parts in GBL:

1. Reading Words  (Woordrijen oplezen) - you will see 4 rows of a group of words. Each row contains 8 words. You need to read them clearly and correctly.

2. Reading sentences (Zinnen oplezen) - you see 8 sentences and each in length between 6 and 11 words. You have to read it aloud.

3. Reading short texts (Teksten oplezen) - you will have 3 short texts, there are between 40-50 words in each text.

4. Reading and complete the sentences (Zinnen oplezen en aanvullen) - you see the incomplete 28 items, each with 3 additional options. You will not be asked to read aloud, but choose the right word to finish the sentence. An item can consist of one or two sentences, and contains between 7 and 23 words (including the three possible answers). 

5. Answer the question from the text (Vragen bij teksten beantwoorden) - this part you will see 3 short texts between 52 - 84 words each,. you will not need to read the text aloud. After that you will hear 4 short questions each text. Then you have to give the correct answer in words or short sentence.

In GBL part, you will not have writing skill test. And it will take about 25 minutes on the headphone. You will have introduction paper and also in the computer voice will tell you what to do, give examples and take your answers. Here to practice GBL (you need a tincode) and more detail.

GBL score will be count together with Toets Gesproken Nederlands (TGN), if together totally 26  points (A1 level) then you passed.

For more information and self practice sources, i will find for you and update soon. Good luck :)