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learn dutch onlineDocument checklist for request mvv application

Congratulation if you have passed mvv examination. After that you know that you will send the application for MVV visa.  Here are list of the papers that you prepare for IND in case of a partnership between( not visa for working for study or Au pair).

Sponsor document
  1. original Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (GBA)
  2. copy every pages of passport
  3. Signed letter of guarantee
  4. copy of single statement/marriage certificate if you are married
  5. Proof of income: Payslips for the last 3 months (check standard income for mvv)
  6. Certificate of insurance
  7. Wage Tax Statement
  8. work contract
  9. Employer Statement
  10. complete mvv application form (download)
Partner document
  1. copy every pages of passport
  2. Birth certificate
  3. copy of single statement/marriage certificate if you are married
  4. copy of passed integration test certificate
  5. answer to question list in questionare form ( additional)
All documents from partner should be legalized. For how long mvv process will take, you should receive a letter from IND if you grant or not within 3 months or longer if you have problem with the document or IND asks for additional papers for my application it took 21 days. After 1 July 2011, MVV fee is increased from 830 euro to 1,250 euro.

Wish best of luck.