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learn dutch onlinePassed Inburgeringsexamen for MVV experience

Thsi post I would like to share my friend's experience of MVV exam. She did pass the new inburgering in buitenland system which GBL is added on 5 October 2011. She allowed me to post her experience and knowledge to help others.

Inburgering score:
Toets Kennis van de Nederlandse Semenleving  :  100 punten
Toets Gespoken Nederlands :  45 punten
Toets Geletterdheid en Begrijpend Lezen (GBL)  : 32 punten

Part 1 KNS
This part is the easiest part, you all can do by trying to remember all 100 picture then you will automatically know all 30 pictures although it is the random pictures. you can pracetise from here or from the "Naar Nederland" book that you bought.

Part 2 TGN
  • Repeat the sentence or Nazeggen 14 sentences
  • Answer the questions or vragen 10 questions
  • Another repeat the sentence 14 sentences
  • Opposite words or tegenstellingen 10 words
  • Repeat the story or verhalen 2 stories
Tips: 'Ik weet het niet' or keep quiet is not the good answer. If you dont know what to say to just keep going with some of similar word or say what and every words you heard.

Part 3 GBL
GBL is a new section that added into this examination.
  • Reading words (Woordrijen oplezen) - you will get 8 words in 4 lines
  • Reading the sentence (Zinnen oplezen) - there are 8 of short and long sentences to read
  • Read the short story/article(Teksten oplezen) - you will have to read aloud to the 2 printed story and 1 hand written text.
  • Completing the sentences (Zinnen oplezen en aanvullen) - 28 sentences to be fill the correct word that can be choose from 3 different choices.
  • Answer the questions from the story - there are 3 stories  and each has 4 questions to answer. You donot have to read but speak only the correct answer after hearing the peep sound.
Time will go fast during the examination. Just relax and focus. Sometimes you may get bother from the sound outside the examination room or from the bad connection, you may hear the unclear sound. This proplem the officer at the embassy cannot be solved only concentrate help.

 All I can say is reading and listening is the core of the examination. Read alots and get listening often the Dutch accent. Good luck and keep practicing.