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learn dutch onlineWanneer is het Pasen? - Easter in Netherlands

Easter in one of the most important Christian feestivals in Netherlands and very much like the rest of the western countries. It's a time to relax and engjoy together of family or friends. They eat a large festive breakfast and decorate or search for eggs. In Netherlands also a time to visit shopping malls, many outlets with special deals or visit Easter or spring decoratons, farm with newborn animals or young animals. Many people in the Netherlands enjoy their day off. Here are some words below relate to Easter in the Netherlands.

Parsen     -     Easter
Paasdag     -     Easter Day
Paasei     -     Easter egg
Paasfeest     -     Easter festival
Paashaas     -     Easter bunny
Paasmaandag     -     Easter Monday (also called Tweede Paasdag)
Paasvakantie     -     Easter holidays
Paaszondag    -     Easter Sunday  (also called Eerste Paasdag)
Paasdagen     -     Easter days
Verrukkelijk     -      delightful, enchanting
Heerlijk     -      wonderful, splendid
Paasmuffins    -     Easter muffins
ontbijt     -     breakfast
beginnen     -     begin
paaseieren     -     Easter eggs
Paaslunch     -    Easter lunch
chocolade eieren     -     eggs chocolate
Ik wil iedereen een fijne pasen.     -     I want everyday has  good/nice Easter.
Vrolijk Pasen!     -     Merry Easter Day!
paasknutselartikelen     -     Easter eggs ready for paint
paaseitjes     -     little Easter eggs (chocolate egg)

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