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learn dutch onlineWie bent u?...Ik ben... the way to introduce yourself in dutch.

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It's poped up in my mind that when first day i arrived here and meet dutch people. A friend of my husband asked my name. I really not understood that time, but now I know how to say or present ourself.

Ik ben ... means I am, the way to say I am in dutch are usually used as below.

Ik heet Meena.     -     I am Meena.
Mevrouw Dike.     -      I am Mrs. Dike.
Ik ben Micheal.     -     I am Micheal.
Mijn naam is Meliza.     -     My name is Meliza.
Meliza, dit is Meena. Meena, Dat is Meliza.     -     Meliza, this is Meena and Meena that is Meliza.

To ask others their name can be use :

Hoe heet jij?     -     Who are you? (answer use Ik heet...)
Wie bent u?    -     Who are you? (answer use Ik ben.....)
Wie ben jij?     -     Who are you? (answer use Ik ben.....)
Wat is jou (u) naam?    -     What is your name? (answer use Mijn naam is ....)
Ben jij mevrouw Dike?    -     Are you Mrs. Dike?  (answer use Ik ben...)