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learn dutch onlineAnnouncement concerning the raising of the pass score of MVV inburgeringsexamen (The civic integration examination abroad)

After we all have wondered about the passing score for MVV, and now I have found update about this announcement.

On 1 April 2011, the pass score of  Toets Gesproken Nederlands (TGN) will be rised from A1 minus (16 points) to be A1 (26 points) and also they will added the Reading and Comprehension Skills test (De toets Geletterdheid en Begrijpend Lezen - GBL) to be one part of MVV Exam and the Knowledge of Dutch Society test (Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving - KNS) still remain the same.

If you are taking the exam on or after 1 April 2011, you can prepare for GBL using new version of book Naar Nederland which will contains extra material and it available in stores from 1 March 2011.

Anyway, I couldn't find what the passing score for GBL is. I hope everyone good luck !!

UPDATE : here information about GBL

Source of this announcement:

Naar Nederland - main site for basisexamen inburgering in het buitenland, book and material for the examination, news and update, preparation and practice information.

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