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Stress (klemtoon)

There are no rules on stress in Dutch. Many Dutch words carry the main stress on the first syllable, but some don't. Listening and practice speaking from dutch speakers is the best way to learn to understand the right words pronunciation.

Dutch prefixes be-, ge-, her-, ont- and ver- never take the stress. The following words stressed are guided to the stress right.

Engelsman        leraar        secretaresse        berg   

Amsterdam        waarom        belooft        geloven

vertalen        herhalen        perron        ziekenhuis

ontmoeten        ingenieur        antwoorden        middelbaar


Dutch spelling is changed follow the grammatical concepts.

1. Noun (zelfstandig naamwoord) - changing from one to many (het meevoud). Exp. kat - katten, aap - apen (monkey), huis - huizen (houses), glas - glazen (glasses).

2. Adjective (bijvoeglijk naamwoord) - when applies to adjectives. It will change to ending with -e. Exp. lief - lieve (dear), vies - vieze (dirty), goed - goede (good).

3. Verb (werkwoord) - it changes when you use the different subject and different tense.
praten (to talk) - ik praat ( I talk), We praten ( they talk).
horen (to hear) - ik hoor (I hear), Ik hoorde (I heard), We horen (we hear), Zij hoort (she hears).

Please remember that all languages has their own rules in gramatical. In Dutch is also rules of  changing plural, adjective and verb.